GuideLines : Internal Marks

As part of the Continuous Internal Assessment (CIA), SCC conducts two examinations in each semester. While the first is of one and a half hour duration, the second is an internal assessment cum preparatory examination in view of the end semester university examination, for a duration of three hours. These exams are conducted strictly in conformity with the University pattern (in terms of question papers, evaluation practices, seating arrangements, timetable etc.).

The pass mark for each subject is 40%. To compute the IA grades, equal weightage is given to both the internal exams. Information with regard to the performance in CIA is communicated to the parents and wards. These are also made available on the college website to enable parents and guardians to monitor and keep track of their ward’s progress and performance.

After the first exam, Progress Report indicating the marks and term attendance will be dispatched to the parents/guardians. The parents/guardians are required to sign the progress report and return the same to the Class Mentors during the parents’ meet organized a couple of weeks after the first internal assessment examination.

The scheduled dates of the CIAE are announced in the college calendar. The time table is announced at least 10 days ahead of the commencement of the examination. Attending the CIAE is mandatory. Prior permission needs to be taken from competent authorities to be absent for the internal examinations. In addition to the centralized exams, there are class tests organized by the departments for the continuous evaluation of students.


According to CBCS, 30% marks are allotted for internal assessment. In alignment with the norms of Bangalore University, the internal assessment marks shall be based on attendance, tests, seminars, assignments and presentations. 30 marks assigned for internal assessment shall be divided into the following components:

Component Marks Allotted
Attendance 5
Mid-semester Examinations 10
Preparatory Examinations 10
Assignments/ Presentations 5
Total 30

A candidate should have a minimum 75% attendance per semester, in each paper to be permitted to take the end-semester examinations. The marks for attendance will be awarded as follows:

Attendance Percentage Marks Allotted
91-100 5
86-90 4
81-85 3
75-80 2
Percentage of Marks Grade Interpretation
85-100 A+ Outstanding
75-84 A Very Good
65-74 B Good
55-64 C Average
45-54 D Below Average
40-44 E Poor
39 and below F Fails
FA Fails due to absence/attendance shortage


The College aspires to have a transformational impact on Students by creating a healthy atmosphere conductive to learning
to make it enjoyable and rewarding and at the same time empowering them through quality education.

To impart quality education through necessary information, knowledge and skills which helps students to face challenges.

Highlights of the library
1. Working hours – 10.30 am to 4.30pm, beyond the regular class hours to enable students to make maximum use of the library.
2. A comprehensive collection of books and resource materials.
3. Special collections of books on Gandhiji, Swami Vivekananda and Babasaheb Ambedkar.
4. Well maintained and easily accessible copies of previous question papers.

Library Rules and Regulations

  • Identity card is a must for all library transactions. ID cards are non-transferable.
  • Users are requested to maintain silence in the library.
  • Users should ensure that when browsing through books they replace the item from where it was taken, according to the shelf arrangement. Feel free to seek staff assistance for replacing the books.
  • Users should avoid taking out several volumes of reports, journals and books at any one moment.
  • The library reading area should be used only for reference and consultation of resource materials.
  • Usage of cell phone is prohibited
  • Users should fully cooperate with the library staff. In case of any need they should meet the Librarian.
  • The persistent defaulter’s of various library rules will have their library services suspended.


The Examination Cell has the Principal as the Superintendent of Examinations (SOE) and a senior faculty as Controller of Examinations (COE). It is the responsibility of the Exam Cell headed by COE to conduct the college examinations (both internal and of the university), call for question papers in the prescribed format, print the question papers, make arrangement for the exam rooms, invigilation, enable the distribution of question papers and ensure that the examinations are conducted in smooth and effective manner with zero tolerance for malpractice of any kind. The COE also ensures that within ten days from the completion of the internal examinations, the valued answer scripts are returned to the students and the marks are submitted to the admin office.

End Semester University Examinations

Bangalore University holds examinations at the end of each semester. For a pass in the University Semester Examinations, a student is required to score a minimum of 40%. For the subjects with practical, a student has to pass in the theory and practical separately. The end semester University examination schedule is published in the University calendar and the same is given in the college calendar. The examination form filling and fee submission takes place at least 2 months ahead of the commencement of the examination. Students who have completed the course and yet have papers to be cleared should keep in touch with the college office for the application of the supplementary examination. The time table for the exams will be announced one month before the commencement of the examination.