MN Degree College


Located in the northwest region of Bangalore, MN Degree College is built on the main campus of MN Technical Institutes. The college is located by the main road hence easily accessible even via two wheeler & no neeed to spend a good amount on the auto rickshaws since the BMTC Bus Stop is situated very near to the College Campus. The college provides bus facility whose charges are proportionate to the distance you stay from the college. BMTC bus "271-A" drops you to the college and the frequency of bus rate are impressive. Chikkabanavara is the nearest railway station and some prefer to travel by train. In short, the college is easily accessible & its very famous, so reaching here shouldn bother you much.



Excellent! Well, students claim that it has one of the best infrastructures among the colleges within the city. Classrooms are excellently maintained, Quick Medical facilities, equipped with a wifi internet connection and hugely spaced out. The campus has 2 buildings for different department of Degree courses. College premise is not at all cluttered and you can see a lush green plantation throughout the campus. Library is superb and has books for all the courses in abundance. There is a separate library only for reference books.

Hostel facilities are equally top notch.From clean and widely spaced bedrooms and washrooms to hygienic mess food, everything is perfect when it comes to hostel life. Yeah, you to spend a whopping 1 lakh per annum for the hostel rent.



The College is very well known for its lowest charges put up on each student as their yearly Fee. All the Reservation Holders are given a noticable concession in their Fees.
All the Fees are collected as per the University Mentions.



Professors at MNDC, well thats what the students call it fondly, are highly qualified and have got their M.Tech degrees. Infact, students say that it's a mandatory rule in MNDC to have these requirements. Along with a good number of senior faculties, you can expect to meet teachers with a minimum experience of 5 years. Almost every lecture is conducted in English while a few teach in Kannada as well. Student-teacher rapport is healthy and students are pretty much interested in attending lectures.


Attendance & Discipline?

MN Degree College follows the strict BU norm of 75% failing students will not be allowed to give their semester exams. The management is very well known for its kept descipline among the students. The students are bound to attend the College 15 minutees beefore the commence of the classes since in M.N Degree College Every Day starts with a prayer session.



At MN Degree College, you can expect to meet a diversified crowd though most of them hail from the city of Bangalore. Students from North, especially Bihar, and North east regions are seen in the college. Boys to girls ratio is almost equal; certainly not the same for all battches.  Crowd is friendly, enjoys/celebrates college activities and focus on their academics also. There are a lot of inter department events held round the year and the participation is mind blowing.



College canteen serves decent food at economical rates. It's widely spaced and you can expect a decent variety in the food. Quality, too, is pretty good!



MN Degree College isn't that huge campus. Jalahalli cross , HMT Theater and Rock Line mall are the happening areas near to the campus. As the location isn very developed, places too aren hi-fi but students some how manage their non academic life.



The Muniswamy Naidu Degree College has consistently been coping up to give a remarkable and growing results as an output and has also been holding the record of getting placements of its students in highly profiled companies with a recognizable posts.Companies like Infosys, Mahindra, Bosch, Wipro, Michelin Tyres, etc. are seen in the M.N Degree College campus during the placement season.If you meet the basic requirements, you can be rest assure of getting a job though the trend shows that around 60%-70% of the students get placed in every batch.The College in colaboration with its other nearby College's involve in conducting a pool campus seletion which makes our college students get more exposed to the Market. Students feel that the placement scenario should improve and more companies should visit the college.



M N Degree College
Affiliated By Bangalore University
Sponsored by North Bangalore Educational Trust
KG Halli, Bangalore-15
Ph.No.:080-23459094 / 28388843



Well not the best of Degree colleges in Bangalore, MN Degree College lacks in great placements, excellent location, well spaced beautiful green campus and perfect hostel facilities are a few drawbacks of this college.

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